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. POS Tagging and Named Entity Recognition on Handwritten Documents. ICON, 2018.

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. Towards Spotting and Recognition of Handwritten Words in Indic Scripts. ICFHR, 2018.

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. Localizing and Recognizing Text in Lecture Videos. ICFHR, 2018.

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. Improving CNN-RNN Hybrid Networks for Handwriting Recognition. ICFHR, 2018.

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. Word Spotting and Recognition Using Deep Embedding. In DAS, 2018.

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. Offline Handwriting Recognition on Devanagari using a new Benchmark Dataset. DAS, 2018.

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. Towards Accurate Handwritten Word Recognition for Hindi and Bangla. ‚ÄčNCVPRIPG, 2017.

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. Visual Aesthetic Analysis for Handwritten Document Images. ICFHR, 2016.


. Matching Handwritten Document Images. In ECCV, 2016.

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. Generating Synthetic Data for Text Recognition. arXiv, 2016.

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. Towards a Robust OCR System for Indic Scripts. DAS, 2014.

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. Bringing Semantics in Word Image Retrieval. In ICDAR, 2013.

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. Content Level Access to Digital Library of India Pages. In ICVGIP, 2012.

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